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Scientific posters


Poster number Author Title
01 AADNEVIK, D Extremely high-granularity digital tracking calorimeter for the detection of charged and neutral radiation in hadron pdf
02 ABBAS, MI Calibration of lanthanum bromide scintillation  detectors pdf
03 ABELLAN, C A μTCA Data Acquisition System and its application for Hadrontherapy Monitoring using a Compton Camera
04 AKULINICHEV, S New design of ytterbium sources for brachytherapy 
05 ARICO, G Verification and Application of a new method for Ion Spectroscopy in Heavy Ion Radiotherapy
06 ASADI, S Choroidal Melanoma brachytherapy enhancement with gold nanoparticles using a full Monte Carlo modelling of human eye
07 ATTILI, A Impact of uncertainties in ion beam therapy on the optimality of irradiation condition and fractionation schedule pdf
08 BATTISTONI, G Measurement of charged particle yields emitted during irradiation with therapeutic proton and Carbon beams in view of the design of a new tool for the monitoring of hadrontherapy treatments
09 BAUER, J PET/CT-based verification of scanned proton and carbon ion treatment at HIT – an overview
10 BERNATOWICZ, K Performance of layered and volumetric rescanning for different scanning speeds of proton beam
11 BERTRAND, D Pre-clinical validation of a beam model designed for treatment planning computation of scanned proton and carbon ion beams
12 BOURHALEB, F Augmented Reality tools for particle therapy facilities
13 BRACCINI, S Dose distribution characterization in the halo of proton pencil beams with emulsion film detectors pdf
14 BUENO, G Segmentation and Tracking of ROIs for Image-Guided Fractionated Radiotherapy pdf
15 CONSTANZO, J & DAUVERGNE, D Radiograaff: a medium energy proton irradiation platform for radiobiological studies. Presentation and first results
16 DONETTI, M & LAVAGNO, M Dose Delivery System of CNAO: a new medical device
17 DOSANJH, M Collaborating for the future: the ENLIGHT Network pdf
18 EL KANAWATI, W Fast Monte Carlo simulator for the distribution of prompt-gamma emitters in protontherapy
19 ELAS, M DNA damage, protein expression and migration of melanoma cells irradiated with proton beam pdf
20 FIORINI, F Varian Eclipse TPS and FLUKA Monte Carlo proton dose deposition comparison
21 GALLEGO MANZANO, L The XEMIS2 prototype pdf
22 GARCIA ORTEGA, P Development of a PET scanner simulation package for FLUKA
23 HERRANZ, E & UDÍAS, JM Iterative Reconstruction of Clinical Electron Beam Phase Space for Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy pdf
24 HILAIRE, E Compton imaging in proton therapy: reconstructed images compared to simulated prompt-γ distribution
25 HOFFMANN, HF ESI’s Scientific Schools: a privileged place for knowledge transfer pdf
26 HOSTOVÁ, B Analysis of radiobiological models in prediction of acute and late toxicity in prostate cancer patients
27 HUESO-GONZÁLEZ, F Comparison of Scintillation Detectors based on BGO and LSO for Prompt Gamma Imaging in Particle Therapy pdf
28 JANSSENS, G Precision in prompt gamma-based range monitoring of proton pencil beams in heterogeneous media
29 JASTRZĘBSKI, J Medical radioisotopes from the Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw
30 KORMOLL, T A Beam Control System for an Experimental Beam Line Operated Parallel to a Therapeutic Beam Line
31 KOUMEIR, C Beam monitoring and dosimetry tools for radiobiology experiments at the cyclotron ARRONAX
32 KRIMMER, J Real-time monitoring of the ion range during hadrontherapy: An update on the beam tagging hodoscope pdf


The Advantages of Improved Gd DRZ Screens Compared to Gd2SO2 and CsI in Patients Exposure Dose Reduction during the Chest Radiography
34 LAURSEN, LV Identification of DNA sequence variants associated with a gene expression profile predictive for radiation induced fibrosis
35 LEMING, EJ Simulation of a coupled Silicon Photomultiplier & LYSO scintillator detector system for prototype PET detector development
36 LESTAND, L Trigger optimization for in-beam PET dedicated to particle therapy range verification
37 LEY, J-L Development of a Time-Of-Flight Compton Camera for Online Control of Ion Therapy pdf
38 LITOV, L Multigap Resistive Plate Chambers as a Positron Emission Tomography detector pdf
39 MANCINI TERRACCIANO, C Development of a technique to speed up the simulation of PET and SPECT
40 MARTÍNEZ-ROVIRA, I Rediscovering grid therapy: new approaches
41 MARTISIKOVA, M Monitoring of carbon ion beams using secondary ions: investigations in inhomogeneous targets
42 NAZARPARVAR, B Head motion correction in positron emission tomography using point source tracking system
43 FIX, MK & NESTERUK, M Comparison of 4 MV and 6 MV photons for whole breast irradiations
44 OVEJERO, MC First results with a new detection system for complex radiotherapy treatment verification pdf
45 PARK, W-Y Nuclear translocation of FTS (Fused Toes Homolog) is required for EGFR phosphorylation and confers radiation resistance on uterine cervix cancer
46 PETIT, B Cardiac toxicity induced by radiotherapy. Role of the GEF, Epac, in hypertrophy and amyloidosis but not in fibrosis
47 PIZZICHEMI, M ClearPEM-Sonic: a multimodal PET-ultrasound mammography system
48 RATH, AK Particle therapy in India: A feasibility study pdf
49 EL KHAYATI, N & SAIKOUK, H Quantitative study of clinical SPECT: image reconstruction and sensitivity pdf
50 SAKUMI, A Dosimetric comparison between Agility and MLCi heads for nasopharyngeal IMRT plans created by two different treatment planning systems
51 SERVOLI, L Characterization of wireless personal dosimeter prototype for Interventional Radiology medical operators pdf
52 STACHURA, M Nuclear techniques for studying soft matter at ISOLDE/CERN
53 THE ENTERVISION TRAINING NETWORK  Education and training in medical imaging for conventional and particle radiation therapy: the ENTERVISION training network pdf
54 THE ENVISION CONSORTIUM Quality assurance for hadron therapy: the ENVISION project pdf
55 THE PARTNER TRAINING NETWORK Training the next generation of experts in hadron therapy: the PARTNER training network
57 TRBOJEVIC, D Large Momentum Acceptance NS-FFAG superconducting gantry for Carbon Ion Cancer Therapy for PAVIA
58 TROVATO, M Compton Telescope Prototype Based on Continuous LaBr3 Crystals and Silicon Photomultipliers
59 VAN DER MEULEN, N Moving forward in radionuclide development in Switzerland
60 VIERTL, D The SMAC-mimetic Debio 1143 efficiently enhanced radiotherapy in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma models
61 VIERTL, D Radiosensitizing effect of a RasGAP derived peptide on cell survival in human cancer cells in vitro and in vivo
62 WILMSEN, D The doorway to high specific activity of 195mPt